Scent List

Can't decide which ones to get? We got you! Here is a simple guide for all the scents that we offer.



THE CORE COLLECTION (infused with premium fragrance oils)

Please note that our scents that smell similar to a few designer brands are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by them. Our products are only inspired by their fragrances and therefore should not be confused with their brand.

 Scent Category Notes Inspiration
Bed of Roses Home tidying & Home fragrance sweet orange, fresh rose, white musk, precious woods Rose Wonderland fabric softener
Bedtime Bath & Body jasmine, lily, rose, apricot, amber. Bedtime Baby
Blackberry & Bay Perfume-like grapefruit, vetiver, cedar, blackberry, bay leaf JM Blackberry & Bay
Bliss Home tidying & Home fragrance red berries, cherry, jasmine, peach. Bliss Unstoppables
Cedar & Jasmine Spa bergamot, jasmine, cedarwood, musks.
Clean & Crisp Home tidying & Home fragrance Blue fabric softener
Countryside Home tidying & Home fragrance hyacinth, violet leaf, english rhubarb. Country Garden disinfectant
Daydream Perfume-like jasmine, orchid, lychee, musk, sensual woods. Fantasy
Diamante Perfume-like patchouli, freesia, amber, vanilla. Diamonds
Extraterrestrial Perfume-like jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood, white amber. Alien
Fireside Spa bergamot, eucalyptus, spices, frankincense.
Floral Surge Perfume-like mandarin, jasmine sambac, cattleya, freesia, rose, patchouli.  Flowerbomb
Herbal Blend Bath & Body bergamot, lemongrass. Avobath
I Adore U Perfume-like yellow mandarin essence from Italy, damask rose essence, neroli essence. J’Adore
Lavender Spa Spa lavender
Lavish Home tidying & Home fragrance peach, tonic vanilla, caramel. Lavish Unstoppables
Lemongrass & Ginger Spa lemongrass, lime, ginger, patchouli.
Life is Pretty Perfume-like iris pallida, jasmine sambac, orangw blossom, patchouli essence. La Vie Est Belle
Lime Basil & Mandarin Perfume-like lime, peppery basil, aromatic thyme. Lime Basil and Mandarin
Madame Perfume-like orange, jasmine, rose, patchouli, vetiver. A timeless feminine perfume
Nummer Fem  Perfume-like aldehydes, ylang ylang, jasmine, vetiver, patchouli. A timeless number perfume
Olympian Perfume-like oriental salty vanilla.  Olympea
Pear & Freesia Perfume-like pear, quince, honey, white freesia, rose JM English Pear & Freesia
Pinkish Beach Home tidying & Home fragrance florals, citrus, vanilla.  Pink Sands
Poppy Love Perfume-like black coffee, white florals, vanilla. Black Opium
Rhubarb & Rose Floral/Fruity rhubarb, tea rose, pineapple, musk.
Sea Shells  Perfume-like bergamot, amber, exotic coconut, vanilla, almond. Seychelles
Snow Pixie Bath & Body sweet bubble gum. Snow Fairy
Thai Lime & Mango Perfume-like lemon, lime, mango, passionfruit, musk. Thai Lime & Mango
The Coconut-nut Floral/Fruity freshly cut coconuts.
Tigress Perfume-like tiger orchid, florals. JChoo
White Dove Bath & Body white florals, rose, lily of the valley, sandalwood. Dove
Yes!  Perfume-like bergamot, mandarin liquer de cassis, rose de mai absolute, neroli absolute, jasmine absolute, patchouli oil, amber, vanilla.  Si